Ina Forsman Crafts Cinematic Soul For ‘All There Is’

[Cover photo credit to Saara Taussi]

Finnish Pop artist Ina Forsman has released her new album All There Is via Jazzhaus Records. The release of was preceded by the singles “Love Me”, “Poor Heart” and “Don’t Lose Today”. To celebrate the release, Forsman has also revealed the music video for her latest single “Love Me”.

The Berlin-based singer has been strongly influenced by Etta James and Christina Aguilera, and with her third album All There Is, she maintains those earlier influences while moving further into original territory. The new album is rooted in the “romantic aura” of the 1960s, following a sound that brings in old school Soul and Jazz. She was particularly inspired by the era’s romantic songs that had a cinematic flair, so she chose to stick with a concept she calls “cinematic soul”.

Speaking on the new album, Ina Forsman writes:

I strive to create melodies that are as organic and soulful as possible. For the first time, I composed all the music for the upcoming album. I had no other choice due to the pandemic. I wrote the lyrics and my vocal melody for my earlier albums, but left it up to the other musicians to write their parts around them. For this album, I had to do everything myself. Besides producing my own demos, I also learned to play the piano and developed some of the arrangements for horns and backup vocals. Writing all the material for this album was a challenge, but along the way, I discovered what kind of music suits me.

Album cover art by Saara Taussi
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