Kulick Releases New Version Of “Colors” + A ‘Making Of’ Documentary

Singer-songwriter, Producer, audio engineer Kulick has released a new alternative version of his most streamed song to date, 2018’s “Colors”. The stand-alone single serves as the unofficial follow-up to his second full-length album Everyone I Know Will Die which debuted in early 2022 via ENCI Records.

The Pennsylvania-based artist Jacob Kulick says:

“Colors has so many meanings to so many people. For me lately, it has been a song of self love and acceptance, loving yourself and loving others for who they are. Self love and identity has been difficult for me my whole life, and this song was written in a time where I was questioning many things about myself and my career. The artwork for the single represents that as well.

I decided to do an alternative version of Colors because I have really been reflecting on my career lately, and this song has always resonated with me and is actually the most known song of mine. I also just released an alternative rock album “Everyone I Know Will Die” and thought it could be fun to remake colors in that style, if not a little bit heavier. It’s a great song to scream by yourself in your room or car, as well as a song to workout with!”

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