“Not Better” From Bonsai Trees Advocates Healing At Your Own Pace

[Photo credit to Alex S.K. Brown]

Indie rock band Bonsai Trees featuring James MacPherson have released their new single “Not Better”. The band has also recently announced their upcoming EP Mine set to be released June 17th, 2022.

Speaking on the new single, James MacPherson shares:

“It’s about when you find yourself in a cycle that you’ve already gotten out of once before. The feelings of shame associated with finding yourself back where you started, but also the realization that you now have the tools to solve this problem. It’s sort of a sequel to a song I wrote a long time ago called ‘Not Better’ and this recent time in my life reflecting some of the issues I had back then.

Not Better’ is about healing at your own pace, healing from trauma is a non-linear rollercoaster of a process that requires support, love and understanding from the people around you. When the people in your life want to control you and create the idea of you that they want to see, they’ll lead you down the wrong path, tell you what’s good for you, when only YOU know what you need to heal. For me this song is about taking back my independence and becoming a more true version of myself in the face of a lot of adversity. Overcoming the control others think they have on you is crucial to your authenticity.

Since their inception in 2011, Connecticut indie rock band Bonsai Trees has been led by vocalist James MacPherson with a rotating live band of musicians. Currently, they are back doing what they do best: touring relentlessly across North America.

‘Mine’ EP Artwork