Billingsley Attempts To Woo Through Laughter With “Long Shot” Video

North Carolina-based Funk-Rock band Billingsley have released their latest single, “Long Shot”, as well as an accompanying video. The power trio hails from Hendersonvile, North Carolina and features brothers Wilson, Grant, and Bennett Billingsley (Willy, GrantMan, and Ben Bill$). Their music features elements of Funk, R&B, Jazz, and Rock.

Speaking to the the inspiration behind the songwriting and the video’s creative process, the Billingsley brothers collectively write:

Grant was reading a book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”, an idea stuck out to him that said something like “some of man’s greatest accomplishments come about in the pursuit of a woman.

Discussing the music video concept, Billingsley continues:

The video was literally an attempt to woo a particular girl by making her laugh, plain and simple! The initial joke was: “how would one even go about getting a girl like her?” The answer was obvious: Make her jealous! Hence, Ariana Grande and Ellen DeGeneres keep “hitting me up,” but they get turned down because “Emma is the one that I want.” The joke became a real idea, and then it picked up momentum until the video became a reality.

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