Turkish Alt-Rockers Bits In Pockets Document Solitary Existence And Human Connection

[Cover photo credit to Ebru Ahunbay]

Turkish alternative-rock band Bits in Pockets have recently released their debut EP, The Bits via MMY Records, alongside the single, “Wave on Backwards”.

Vocalist Emre Arduman introduces “Wave on Backwards”:

...the line ‘the times of driving around… times spent recording all the moments that never seemed to last,’ is about being with many people and alone at the same time. We make meaningful and strong bonds, only to know that it will not last – knowing that it will hurt when I’ll inevitably be alone again. But I’ll just keep trying.

The Bits EP sets out to capture “snapshots of stories”, many of them Arduman’s experiences as a student in cosmopolitan London. The three tracks document the solitary existence that is shared by so many in a globalized but currently restricted society: “visceral and virtual, multi-national and ultra-local, together yet all too often alone”.

The record also celebrates “moments of intimacy and simple human connection that defy an increasingly impersonal planet”.

Bits in Pockets are made up of high school friends vocalist Emre Arduman, guitarist Derin Dönmez, bassist Ata Tuna, and drummer Tibet Ahunbay. Members have been contributing from the UK and Canada while at college, between spells of face-to-face creativity back in Istanbul.

The band name refers to “those random yet soul-feeding scraps of nostalgia found forgotten in garments: ticket stubs from heady nights on the town; mementos of your first flat and all that it meant to you; detritus from cherished friendships.”

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