Nik Nocturnal Ventures Into Trap Metal With NIK NXK Project

Nik Nocturnal, who is known for his YouTube content and artist collaborations, including a recent Chelsea Grin cover with Will Ramos has launched a new original music project: NIK NXK, with producer deadwait (Corpse). For his first foray into Trap Metal, NIK NXK has released the single “Isolation” along with a video.

NIK NXK comments:

As an instrumentalist, I got sick of waiting for vocalists to send me tracks – and, I see Trap Metal artists release songs that they recorded on a Nokia with a $20 copyright-free-trap-beat, which often surpasses metal bands’ monthly listeners. I thought, ‘Why not try this myself – but with better production’. So, I decided to be the vocalist finally – to scream over 808’s and disgustingly heavy riffs.

Since launching his YouTube channel in 2014, Nik Nocturnal has brought a passionate and idiosyncratic take to Metal along with an irreverent sense of humor.

He says:

It started out as a means of finding ways to share my music as a solo musician that accidentally made me fall in love with content creation and building a community. I’m basically providing unique perspectives/takes on the metal scene and music, while actually having a proper background in this music and the industry.

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