Smushed Memories And A Love Affair Gone Wrong: Listen to Frontperson’s “Calgary ’88” Ahead Of ‘Parade’

[Frontperson L-R: Kathryn Calder, Mark Andrew Hamilton, credit: Steve Calder + Eva Blue]

Frontperson, the musical collaboration between Kathryn Calder (vocalist and keyboardist for The New Pornographers) and Mark Andrew Hamilton (AKA Woodpigeon) will release sophomore album Parade this Friday, April 29, 2022 digitally and on limited edition CD and LP via Oscar St. Records.

The nostalgic single “Calgary ‘88” was released earlier this month with a video directed by Greg Gillespie starring dancer Antonio Somera.

According to Hamilton, the song is:

…about memory, and how it gets somewhat smushed together over the years. The 1988 Winter Olympics meant a lot to me as a kid growing up in Alberta—I still have stacks of posters and things at my parents’ place—and for some reason it came to mind as a perfect metaphor for a love affair gone wrong from my own somewhat more recent past. There’s some pretty specific moments in this song that only that person would understand, were he to hear it, but enough ‘I’m sorry baby’s for anyone to get into it. Plus, gated drums for life.

The songs on Parade expand the duo’s palette of sounds across the album while Hamilton’s songwriting explores backdrops of ‘80s Rock he grew up hating (a nod to Dire Straits’ guitar tones on “Mess y Roomz ”) and queer heartbreak (the swooning “Tattoo Boy” ).

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