Regretski’s “Nail Gun” Video Features Parkour On The Streets Of Alexandria, Egypt

Seattle rock duo Regretski, made up of stepfather Nate Panic (baritone guitar/vox) and stepson Matte Black (drums) have shared the first single from their upcoming debut EP. Their debut track is called “Nail Gun” and comes along with a video that was filmed in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt. Their upcoming debut EP is called Dubious Claims of Specialized Knowledge and will be released on June 3, 2022

Guitarist & vocalist Nate Panic explains the imagery in “Nail Gun”:

I was recording some ideas and I happened to see the pneumatic framing nailer I got when I was building my practice space. That made me think of the TV show The Wire. There are a few episodes in which a nail gun figures prominently. The song itself has nothing to do with The Wire. It’s more about exploring the difference between temporary and permanent – like nail-gun permanent.

Nate Panic explains how the “Nail Gun” video came about:

The video was made by Ziad A., this young video producer from Alexandria, Egypt. He’d made a few Egyptian hip-hop videos, including one where a guy was doing parkour. He was very enthusiastic about my project, and we worked well together, even though we were on opposite sides of the world. I gave him the basics of what I wanted: A stolen Regretski T-shirt, a chase scene through the city that would give viewers a taste of Alexandria, and some parkour. He scouted locations, rounded up some parkour guys, and hired a videographer. We’re very happy with that video. It’s random, but that’s part of why I love it.

Prominent themes and subjects that Regreski touches upon on the debut EP include “anxiety, paranoia, depression, and overcoming adversity”. The EP was recorded in November 2020 and January 2021 at The Killroom in Seattle with Jeffrey McNulty (ex-Bloodhag). 

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