Jameszoo’s ‘Blind’ Blurs The Distinction Between Performer And Composition

[Cover photo credit to Marcel Veldman]

Jameszoo (Mitchel van Dinther) is returning with his sophomore album, Blind, this Friday March 11th, out on Brainfeeder. Ahead of that, he has shared a short video, a trailer of sorts, featuring the lead track “song,” with more visuals to follow as the album release nears.

In the lead up to Blind, van Dinther released the singles “bugatti (etude)” and “music for bat caves”. “song” features an ensemble of performers including Petter Eldh (bass), Richard Spaven (drums), Diamanda La Berge Dramm (violins), and Evan Parker (soprano sax).

The video for “song” sees van Dinther transporting an unknown object down a long elevator shaft, recalling the strange experience of the protagonist in previous video release “music for bat caves.”

Blind arose from van Dinther’s studio sessions at Willem Twee Studios, the specialist analogue studio in Den Bosch (Netherlands) with a vast collection of vintage synthesizers. Incorporating sonic and visual elements, the album explores what van Dinther calls a “nonexistent soloist,” the concept of fully blurring the distinction between performers and their compositions.

Supported by a cast of friends on Blind, van Dinther features his long-term writing partner and keyboardist Niels Broos, Swedish bassist Petter Eldh, and drummers Richard Spaven and Julian Sartorius, all of whom contributed to van Dinther’s debut album Fool (2016). Violinist Diamanda La Berge Dramm, pianist/organist Kit Downes (ECM), trumpeter Peter Evans, British saxophonist Evan Parker, drummer Christian Lillinger, Brainfeeder label mate Oliver Johnson (Dorian Concept), saxophonist John Dikeman, and sound explorer Matthew Bourne also contribute.

Blind will be released on March 11th, 2022, on black vinyl LP with braille emboss detail on the sleeve. The Blind artwork is by the Dutch artist Philip Akkerman, a close friend of van Dinther. Strictly limited edition 78-card tarot deck designed by Akkerman for Jameszoo will also be available.

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