A “Completely Revamped” Version Of Loney Hutchins’ 1979 Album ‘Appalachia’ Is Now Available

Nashville’s Loney Hutchins, along with his son, who is a longtime producer and musician himself, Loney John Hutchins, have been diving deep into their archives, unearthing, remastering, and releasing as they go. Starting with Buried Loot, Demos from the House of Cash and Outlaw Era, ‘73-‘78, a collection of songs from Hutchins’ time at Johnny and June’s House of Cash, they soon unearthed the original recordings of Hutchins’ only proper album from the 1970s, Appalachia.

Whereas Buried Loot… runs a sonic gamut, Appalachia lands bolder and heavier, ready for FM radio of 1979. Loney John began the process of restoring and remastering the original tapes, complete with a band that included Dolly Parton’s then live rhythm section (Paul Urhig and Tom Jones) and an electric lead guitarist (Harry Robinson), and reordering the tracklist to reflect Hutchins’ original idea for how the record would go, including a number of tracks that never made it onto the album’s first pressing. Now the complete revamped version of Appalachia is available worldwide.

Fans can also catch Hutchins live in action at The Basement East on March 10th for the official album release show. Tickets can be found here.

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