A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel Offers “Poison Flowers”

[Cover photo credit to Joey Armario]

Billy Howerdel (A Perfect Circle/Ashes Divide) offers a preview of his as-of-yet unannounced debut album with a release of “Poison Flowers” via Alchemy Recordings/BMG. The new song is a self-produced track, which finds the songwriter handling vocals and all instrumentation apart from Josh Freese on drums.

Howerdel comments:

’Poison Flowers’ began with the bass guitar part and all of the pieces flowed from there. It’s a rare feeling when the process of writing blocks out all distractions. The upcoming songs reflect back to my earliest influences and ‘Poison Flowers’ leads well into the rest of the album.

The Los Angeles-based guitar player has explained that the collection began taking shape during his most recent A Perfect Circle tour, serving as “a letter in musical form”.

Howerdel’s early life found him working in stage lighting while at the same time devoting the rest of his free time to practicing guitar. A few years of work led to a chance meeting with Fishbone, a move west and quickly becoming a sought-after road and studio tech, working with David Bowie, Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails, and he also found himself roommates with Tool’s Maynard James Keenan. It was that friendship that birthed the multi-platinum Alternative Rock supergroup, A Perfect Circle.

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