Selci’s ‘Fallen Woman I’ Reflects On Modern Relationships

Calgary-based Art-Pop artist Selci has released her debut full-length album, Fallen Woman I, the first in a two-part album series this year. Fallen Woman I is an electronic patchwork that blends ambient Electronica with 90’s House and Trip Hop. The stylized arrangements are augmented with vintage synths and complex drum programming. In conjunction with the release, Selci has directed and shared a video for the track Luscious Lovin’.”

Regarding the album series, Selci explains:

Fallen Woman’ is a reflection on modern day relationships. It’s a breakup record where I reflect on my changing views of what a relationship should be. With honesty I want to celebrate people’s willingness to be open, to leaving behind the taboos and societal expectations that have been limiting for women, and non-cisgender people, since there has been a ‘society’.

Discussing “Luscious Lovin,” Selci notes:

This is a super sexy track inspired by 90’s house music. It’s all about loving everybody in every form. It’s about leaving a monogamous relationship to experience all genders and bodies as beautiful and sensual beings. The video is a collage of juicy and luscious imagery. Elusive seduction is implied through partial shots of the human body, flower petals, squished fruit and close ups of glossy lips. We played with gentle nudity, covering body parts with flowers, fruit and shadows. Our goal was to portray an openness to sexuality through satisfying visual symbolism.

Recorded at The National Music Centre and at Calgary Recording Company, the Fallen Woman albums were mixed by Sylvia Massy (Prince, Kate Bush), Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Owen Pallett) and Beatchild (Drake, Shad). Of the two-parts of Fallen Woman, Part I features a more electro, alt-pop focus, while part II, due in the autumn of 2022, is its electro-acoustic counterpart.

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