Scottish Modern Folk Trio Talisk Announces Early 2022 US Tour

Glasgow, Scotland-based Modern Folk band Talisk were touring heavily in the US when their plans were cut short by Covid, but they have recently announced that they’ll be back with The Dawn Tour from February to March 2022. They plan to play songs from their albums Abyss and Beyond, in addition to newer songs such as their latest single “Aura,” off  their upcoming third album. Talisk will be showcasing with Folk Alliance International on that tour.

Mohsen Amini, the trio’s concertinist shares:

“With a new show, new album, new member and two years of planning, Talisk are we are ready to give America all we’ve got and a tour you won’t forget!”

Mohsen Amini (BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards’ Musician of the Year), Graeme Armstrong, and Benedict Morris (BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year) fuse concertina, guitar, and fiddle to produce a multi-layered sound.

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