Watch Landon Conrath’s Video For “Static” From ‘Dazed & Confused’ EP

The Minneapolis-based Indie-Pop artist Landon Conrath has released new single and video “Static”, which is described as “a grungy slacker melody that merges guitar rock with pop sensibilities”. It’s a preview of his EP Dazed & Confused, which arrived on December 17th from Nettwerk Records.

Conrath was originally a drummer by trade and came to songwriting through the encouragement of a friend which led him to dive into the recording process, also.

His singles have garnered plenty of attention on Spotify, and Conrath reflects:

“I never wanted to make anything that was based on a trend. It’s exciting to have the freedom to really choose who I want to be and what I want to say. My goal is to make music that people can connect with.”

Conrath says that he has used music to grapple with his uncertainty throughout the pandemic, an eventful time for many reasons, during which he has graduated college, found a new relationship, and even signed a record deal.

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