Watch Ye Banished Privateers’ Video For “Ring The Bells” From New Album ‘A Pirate Stole My Christmas’

[Cover photo credit to Samuel Pettersson]

Following the release of their Christmas album, A Pirate Stole My Christmas, your favorite shanty pirates Ye Banished Privateers have unveiled the video for “Ring The Bells”, their album opener. What’s more seasonal than pirates?

The band talk about the music video for “Ring The Bells”:

“’Ring The Bells’ is our final single release from A Pirate Stole my Christmas. For this video production, we were running desperately low on funds and could not afford to hire proper lighting for shooting outdoors in the Swedish mountains. Luckily our manager at Napalm Records had some connections with a budget production company called Raiffeisen Adult Entertainment. This particular company specializes in close intimate lighting and special effects and were said to be experts at making wood look good on camera. In the end it didn’t turn out quite the way we expected, but the statistic shows that the average viewer only watches the first 25 seconds of a video, so we think we are good.”

Wrapped in the swag of pirate Folk Rock, the newly interpreted, grim covers of beloved Christmas classics on A Pirate Stole My Christmas are set to “draw the listener into a dark underworld of blood and bones”. Christmas tunes include “Twelve Days Of Christmas”, and “Oh Christmas Tree” which is re-worded as “O Cannonball”, most definitely making Christmas Eve a special occasion for the most beautiful time of the year.

Ye Bannished Privateers add:

“If given enough time, every artist will eventually lose their last ounce of self-respect, and release a Christmas album. YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS are no strangers to self-loathing commercial stunts, and with our new album – A Pirate Stole my Christmas, we aim to officially join the ranks of Christmas legends such as Maria Carey and Bing Crosby. Our album is compiled of 11 classic carols defiled into an unrecognizable pulp of rum-drenched atonal pirate madness. If you didn’t hate Christmas before, this is certain to change your mind!”

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