Folk Icon Donovan Unveils New Version Of ‘Season Of The Witch’

Donovan has been especially active in the last few years, not only compiling a “green” album with an environmental slant in honor of Great Thurnberg, but taking up what seems to be a pretty promising collaboration with filmmaker and artist David Lynch.

That initial collaboration, which resulted in the sing and video for new song “I Am The Shaman” in 2020, has led to a second new song and video, “Gimme Some A That”, which arrived about a week ago as a “Samhain Release”.

However, there’s been a separate remarkable development from Donovan, “Season of the Witch 2”, released today on October 29th, 2021 on all major platforms.

The original song, hailing from 1966, is one of Donovan’s most psychedelic and took him into slightly darker territory, akin to tracks like “Hurdy Gurdy Man” (1968) which also became a big hit for him. That wasn’t a trajectory that Donovan stuck with, though, preferring his Folk roots over time.

Now, with “Season of the Witch 2”, we see what could be a return to Folkier and maybe even Blues elements, especially with Donovan’s more mature vocal approach. But the electric guitar parts certainly get plenty of attention.

Check it out for yourselves and turn it up for Halloween weekend:

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