Metal Collective W.E.B. Brings Us “Dark Web” Ahead of LP ‘Colosseum’

Athens, Greece-based Metal collective W.E.B. has released their latest video for “Dark Web”, the harrowing opening track from their forthcoming full-length, Colosseum, set for release on November 19th via Metal Blade Records.

Guitarist/vocalist Sakis Prekas, speaks about the song’s concept:

“‘Dark Web’ is both a play on the band’s name and music style, and the concept of the so-called hidden layer of the world wide web, and all the rumors about it: that you can purchase drugs, weapons, hitmen, or even kill people yourself there. This horrifying concept of such a reality combined with our understanding that the ones who rule this world look down on us as if we are slaves, or even ants, is what this song is about.”

W.E.B.’s Colosseum will be available on CD, Fruit Punch-colored LP, and digital formats coming up. By titling the new record Colosseum, W.E.B. intend to draw comparisons between the past and present.

Sakis notes:

“The Colosseum was the famous gigantic arena in Rome to give the people ‘food and spectacle,’ whereas what it truly did was to quench the mob’s thirst for blood and violence and keep their minds away from thinking; kind of an ancient TV-brainwash machine. People nowadays seem to be thirsty for blood more than ever. They seek violence in almost everything. You can see it in social media, in the streets – even a simple fight between kids in a schoolyard attracts the other kids, not to separate but to watch. Humans miss the Colosseum and what it gave to their violent nature, even though they will never admit it. The title Colosseum is the irony of giving them what they secretly desire. Maybe then they will start to understand what they see in their mirror and hopefully it will bother them.”

W.E.B. formed in 2002 and have been forging a path through Symphonic Extreme Metal ever since, “expressing darkness and death through adrenaline and poetry”. 2021’s fifth full-length, Colosseum will be their fifth full-length album and it was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Sound Abuse Production Studio in Athens by Psychon, as well as produced by the band’s Sakis Prekas.

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