Florencia Andrada’s “El Imperio” Is “About Limits…And Sticking Together”

Argentinian Soul singer/songwriter Florencia Andrada, who recently signed to My Grito Industries, has released a new single and video for “El Imperio”. This is her debut song with My Grito, but we can expect a new full-length LP out in 2022.

Florencia comments on the song’s development and the video’s aesthetics:

“The song was recorded between Dec 2020 and July 2021 because of COVID. We recorded it in Estudios del Parral here in Buenos Aires. It’s about limits: man’s impunity and woman sticking together when another one has been hurt or abused. The bridge says : “Don´t you take too much time to wake up, the world is changing and peace is over.”

The video was filmed a weekend in April 2021 and it’s directed by Alejo Bustos, a talented director from Buenos Aires. We both love Tarantino and his revenge style so, despite the fact that the lyrics aren’t about revenge, they are about justice, so we agreed about the idea of this character that goes around the world to get rid of the men that had hurt in some way the women that she cares for. And Alejo added this kind of ’70s B-movie’ vibe, which fits perfectly.”

The band on this release includes Florencia Andrada on vocals & backing vocals, Julio Fabiani on Guitar, Germán Pedraza on drums and piano, Sacha Snitcofsky on bass, Carmen Costa on backing vocals, Camila Castagna on backing vocals, Santiago Zarba on baritone sax, Federico Álvarez on tenor sax, Yair Lerner on trumpet, and Darinka Tejera on flute. The track was produced by Florencia Andrada & Julio Fabiani ( Sureños Records).

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