Find Your ‘Panacea’ With Brooklyn Indie Band Best Breakfast

Brooklyn-based Indie Rock band Best Breakfast will be putting out their third studio album Panacea, on November 19th and have released a new single, the album’s closer, Never Been Away“.

According to the band, “Never Been Away” is about “self-acceptance”. In discussing the lyrics, frontman Ben Majest shared:

“It’s about learning to appreciate what makes each of us special. That ‘specialness’ is what our friends gravitate to, but it’s also what makes the people who don’t get us, feel like they have to judge. ‘I know someone’s looking at me strange,’ is my favorite lyric. In moments it’s a battle cry. It’s defiant. At other points in the song, it’s pulled back. It highlights that we’ve accepted that not everybody’s going to accept us, and that’s okay.”

Panacea was recorded in the band’s home studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Majest comments regarding the album’s goals:

“‘Panacea’ refers to a ‘cure all. And that’s an ongoing theme in the album. Love and lust and negotiating between the two. It has songs for all of the seasons and the feelings that they bring out.”

“Never Been Away” is the eighth release from the album following “Steer Clear,” “Picking Up,” “Needed You,” “Look Around,” “Take Your Chances,” “Grace Knows,” and “Haircut“.

To celebrate the record, Best Breakfast will be performing an album release show the day of release at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn at 10pm.

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