Jaga Jazzist Announces ‘Pyramid Remix’ And “Sci-Fi Livestream” Event

[Cover photo credit to Marianne Skay]

Jaga Jazzist have announced the album Pyramid Remix featuring Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, André Bratten, Paul Bender, and more, to be released November 5th on Brainfeeder Records. Lead single “The Shrine (Petter Eldh Remix)” is out now. Later this Fall, the band will also perform Jaga Jazzist Leaves Earth, billed as the world’s “first sci-fi livestream.”

The livestream, in which the band “plan to leave Earth”, will be directed by Haakon Mathisen (VIERLIVE), and will be a “cinematic live performance, streamed from inside the heart of a throttling spaceship”.

Pyramid Remix is a reworked version of Pyramid (2020), a record where the Norwegian eight-piece dove into Post-Rock, Jazz and Psychedelic influences. The Remix brings in all kinds of friends and family to take part in the reimagining of the album.

Swedish-born and Berlin-based, Petter Eldh is a bassist and producer who has played and collaborated with Jameszoo, Christian Lillinger, Beatrice Dillon, Kit Downes as well as his own Koma Saxo quintet. Most recently he released Projekt Drums Vol.1 via Edition Records.

He explains his involvement:

“I first heard Jaga at the Roskilde Festival back in the early 2000s. The gig was an early afternoon slot so my mind hadn’t been chemically/organically altered yet. I was knocked to the ground! Sensory overload! Their music had a mind-altering ability on its own. Exhilarating! Martin and Lars are a big inspiration in my own endeavours in mixing electronic soundscapes and acoustic instruments. To sit with all the stems from ‘Pyramid’ was like walking around in the most imaginative and fun theme park. Hopefully, someone will experience that good old sensory overload listening to my take on Jaga!”

While Pyramid Remix will release digitally on 5th November via Brainfeeder, a limited edition yellow vinyl 2LP with artwork by Martin Kvamme will follow on December 3rd.

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