Leon Creek Blends Vintage Style And Animation In New Video For “Hope Never Leaves My Side”

Leon Creek recently released new LP Far From Broken via Mezcal Road Records. To commemorate the occasion, the band shared the music video for single Hope Never Leaves My Side. The song is one “that grapples with isolation and a sense of alienation, but refuses to lose sight of hope and the light at the end of the tunnel”. That sounds pretty pitch-perfect for our times.

Regarding the new music video, Leon Creek says:

“For the video of ‘Hope Never Leaves My Side,’ we wanted to keep creating in the vintage Americana style of our first two videos but add a live performance element that could help convey the emotions of the song. We are admirers of Australian director and animator Kane Lehanneur’s video work, and he ran with our ideas and created a beautiful world of colors, grain and animated lyrics, where in spite of struggle, optimism is the silver lining.”

Leon Creek is the new project of Chris Pierce (War & Pierce) with Erik Janson (Wilding and Left Field Messiah) and producer Matthew Stevens with the goal of “creating a modernized, uplifting approach to Americana, Blues and Roots music”. The band takes its name from a small river that runs on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. It served as the “first rest stop and watering hole for travelers, cargo, mail and stagecoaches making their way from  Texas to Southern California in the 1850’s and 60’s”.

Chris Pierce is also known for his Sunny War collaboration War & Pierce, and his new full length LP American Silence, a “Bob Dylan-esque reflection of  his realities as a Black man in the modern United States”.

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