Fall Victim To Broken Baby’s ‘Late Stage Optimism’

[Cover photo credit to Anthony Mehlhaff]

LA-based band Broken Baby, featuring duo Alex Dezen and Amber Bollinger, recently released their second album, Late Stage Optimism from Poor Man Records, featuring a blend Indie Rock, Glam, Punk, Power-Pop, and maybe even a smidge of Disco. All of this has continued to add to their focus on live performance in pre- and post-quarantine times in and around LA.

At their album launch concert, the band played “Get The Piss Up” to a sold out night at LA’s El Cid. Since then they’ve released videos for “Hand Heat” and “Meaniac”. To celebrate the album’s release, they also performed at Moroccan Lounge with Young Winona opening.

The tracklisting for Late Stage Optimism includes:

1. Get The Piss Up
2. Meaniac
3. Madonna’s a Dick
4. Cloud Coverage
5. Die! Die! Die!
6. He Likes Me
7. Manic Panic
8. Meat Week
9. Don’t Be Rude! (2021)
10. Jack White Money
11. Hand Heat

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