Ghostly Kisses Promises Haunting New Album ‘Heaven, Wait’

[Cover photo credit to Fred Gervais-Dupuis]

Margaux Sauvé’s solo project, Ghostly Kisses, has a new album coming up on January 21st via Akira Records, Heaven, Wait. Co-produced by Louis-Étienne Santais, Tim Bran (London Grammar, Birdy, Aurora) and  Thomas Bartlett (Doveman, Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent, Florence + The Machine), Heaven, Wait’s title track has been released along with a video, giving us a sense of the “soft, minimalist Pop” with an “avant-garde touch” that’s typical of the new album.

Sauvé introduces us to the title track:

“‘Heaven, Wait’ is one of my favorite songs on the album. I remember when I had found the main melody in April 2020. We were in lockdown, I went for a run at the park Plaines d’Abraham right beside our home and I was smiling the whole time. I had chills listening to our demo… I think it sums everything that we want Ghostly Kisses to be sonically and lyrically.”

Heaven, Wait as an album is set to revolve around “transitions and rebirth; life to death, solitude to relationship, childhood to adulthood, friendship to love”.

[Cover art with photo credit to Fred Gervais-Dupuis]

Composed and produced during the pandemic, the album was created emotely with producers Tim Bran in London, Thomas Bartlett in America, and the FAME Studio’s orchestra string ensemble in Macedonia. It was a process of “communicating simultaneously” during recordings, which was quite a challenge for Margaux Sauvé. While Ghostly Kisses has previously been known for songs with “darker, more melodramatic” elements, the new album represents a development towards rebirth motifs, and creating “liberating songs”.