Olathia’s ‘The Forest Witch’ Traverses Both Battles And Good Times

Cleveland, Ohio-based Melodic and Thrash Metal band Olathia (oh-lay-thee-ah) is a four-piece female-fronted Heavy Metal band. Their music is a blend of traditional Heavy Metal, Power Metal, and Thrash influences. They recently released their new full-length album The Forest Witch on all digital platforms and via CD on the Olathia Bandcamp page.

Lead singer Chris E. continues:

In our latest album, “The Forest Witch,” we weave tales of light and darkness, riding the line between thrash and traditional metal. We’re staying true to our roots and doing what feels right to us, weaving in the battles we’ve faced and the good time that rage on. Riffs, melodies and lyrics burrow down deep. Let ‘em in and see where they take you.

Olathia’s music is often characterized as “Power Thrash,” offering a melodic experience that “supports storytelling of dark and light themes” while pushing their own boundaries musically.

Their songwriting covers themes like “battles with inner demons, the sting of betrayal, the weight of depression, the ache of loss, and the warm embrace of camaraderie.”