CrowJane’s “Destroy” Brings A Synth Pulse To A Punk Aesthetic

CrowJane, a.k.a. Heather Galipo, has released new single “Destroy”, via Kitten Robot, and the track is taken from her recently released EP Bound to Me. Embracing a Punk aesthetic, “Destroy” captures a side of CrowJane that she hasn’t explored before. Her new EP Bound To Me embraces Darkwave, Goth, Tribal, Synthpop and Postpunk elements.

She comments on the new track:

I went to Paul [Roessler, producer] and told him that I wanted to write a song that is dancier than my past releases with a synth pulse, which is one of my favorite things about the band Suicide, with a Siouxsie Sioux vocal style.

The track’s accompanying video helps embody the marriage of styles with scenes that are reminiscent of Punk’s late ‘70’s/early ‘80s heyday but are actually live footage of recent Punk shows in Los Angeles.

CrowJane explains:

I wanted to make a music video that was as fun to make as the song was. I went around with a camcorder to different shows in LA and recorded the crowd plus the musicians. This music video is kind of a love letter to the LA underground post-punk/Synthwave/Darkwave/punk/goth scene.

Coming from a visual arts background of surrealism and horror, CrowJane has simultaneously built a career as a professional horror effects makeup artist and a recording artist. This gave her an “encyclopedic knowledge of the byways and back roads of punk and death rock.”

She continues:

I have been a part of the scene since 2012 when my first band Egrets on Ergo first started playing shows. I’ve gotten to know so many talented and cool people. I was inspired by old ‘80s videos that are just a hodge podge of people dancing and showcases their style of the time. I feel like most people I know are watching old footage and inspired by music from the past. I would like to recognize music from now more. So a part of me thought about possible future generations, watching this video and seeing a time capsule of this current LA underground scene.

“Destroy” was recorded at Kitten Robot Studios and produced and co-written with Paul  Roessler (TSOL, The Screamers, Nina Hagan) and CrowJane. Video footage for the video was shot at Rubycon Records by Meriel O’ Connell and CrowJane at a variety of venues (camcorder loaned out by Chad Fjerstad). 

Some of the projects that CrowJane has worked on recently as a professional make-up artist include Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3, American Horror Stories, Mulan, HBO’s Winning Time, The Orville, FX’s Dave, We Need To Do Something, Cheaper By The Dozen, Dancing With The Stars, The Last Of Us: Part II, and Star Wars: Fallen Order.