Jamie Hannah Shares His Mantra Of Choosing Courage Over Fear With “Dragonfly”

California-based British Singer/songwriter Jamie Hannah has released new single “Dragonfly” along with a music video. The track is an energetic anthem about life changes.
Jamie Hannah says:

’Dragonfly’ is a song of celebration. An anthem for self reflection, personal growth and transformation. It represents being able to start fresh – choosing to walk into a new period of life on your terms.

He continues:

“Breaking away from habits that were holding me back, limiting me from being the person I’d always dreamt of becoming. I was so caught up in trying to be the person that so many wanted me to be… and as a result I wasn’t treating myself with kindness. We all have our demons – instead of facing mine, I suppressed them and sought after comfort in the wrong places. Through therapy, I learnt that showing myself compassion and grace for the mistakes I’d made would be one of the greatest gifts I could give ever show myself. It’s still a work in progress, but the making of Dragonfly has certainly helped in my healing process.
‘I choose courage over fear’ continues to be a little mantra I use when negative thoughts pop up that I feel restrict me from living my truth freely. In the bridge of a song – I waver between two notes  – I was trying to emulate my feeling of being out of balance – walking a tight rope, one foot in front of the other – the fear of placing a foot wrong and plummeting back to my old ways.”

“The universe started to work its magical powers when I chose to be me and let go of how I believed people perceived me.

The dragonfly is a spiritual symbol that highlights to you that you have officially crossed over into your desired reality.
You’re as strong as the team that’s around you. When shooting the video, as a queer man, it was incredibly important for me to ensure I had a diverse crew. The Director, Producers and Every Head of Department were either a women, POC, and/or LGBTQ+. I’m proud we were able to achieve this.”

Jamie Hannah blends classical and operatic training with his passion for Pop music, resulting in an eclectic sound that draws influences from both 17th century composers, such as Monteverdi and Handel, and contemporary heroes including Freddie Mercury, MIKA, Coldplay and Adele.

A multi-instrumentalist, his music portrays his personal experiences and struggles, inviting the listener to accompany him to “self-discovery and enlightenment.”