Balsam Range’s ‘Kinetic Tone’ Is A Shared Mindset

Western North Carolina’s Balsam Range had a change to their lineup last year after 15 years in operation. Now, with the upcoming December 1st, 2023 release of Kinetic Tone, their 10th collection for Mountain Home Music Company, the group embraces mandolin player Alan Bibey as part of the award-winning quintet. With three songs from the album that have already charted, Kinetic Tone is an anticipated release.

The band’s liner notes for the album share:

When Balsam Range went into the studio at the beginning of 2023 to begin this album, it was immediately obvious to everybody present that something was different. A new level of excitement and joy of creating was present. Kinetic Tone is a not-so-well-known musical term defining how sounds move from being static to changing tone by the application of ENERGY. Could be a voice. Could be a guitar. Could be voices and instruments acting in concert. We would argue that it can also be a shared mindset of a musical group.

Kinetic Tone, gives long-time fans reassurance that, for Balsam Range, change has been good. Most of all, as the group prepares for its signature year-end “Art of Music” festival in Haywood County, Kinetic Tone makes bold statement that the best is yet to come from the quintet.