Helga Shares Their Struggle To Feel “Alive Again”

[Cover photo credit to Ester Segarra]

The multi-genre band Helga will be releasing their debut album, Wrapped in Mist, on the 24th of November via Season of Mist. The third single, “Alive Again”, is out now and presents “the pains of struggling with mental health” in an introspective way. An animated music video created by Yevheniia Vynokurova (@magistrmagii) accompanies the track, illustrating the song’s message.

Vocalist Helga Gabriel shares:

I’ve had my fair share of battles with mental health over the years. It’s in those moments that I need music the most.

Hailing from the Swedish hinterlands of Dalarna, and from Halifax, West Yorkshire in the UK, Helga came together in 2019 in York, North Yorkshire. They focus on bringing together heavier musical traditions as well as Pop.

Cai S. explains:

We draw on many different influences from Swedish folk to progressive metal to post-rock to black metal to pop. Distilling this into a single style is a challenge.

The inception of Wrapped in Mist promises to plunge Helga into live performances following release.