Schande’s “52 hz” Was Inspired By A Whale Song Phenomenon

[Cover photo credit to Carl Farrugia (c.o. The Daydream Library Series)]

UK-based Noise Rock outfit Schande have shared their new single 52 hz via The Daydream Library Series, the house record label of Ecstatic Peace Library operated by Eva Prinz & Thurston Moore.

Centering themes of “fulfillment and isolation,” the track features a full band frontwoman Jen Chochinov’s delicate vocals.

As Chochinov puts it:

This song was inspired by the whale that has baffled scientists with its unique sound frequency of 52 hz. The official thinking is that this is the only whale of its kind and leads a solitary life constantly searching for others to communicate with. I like to think there is a different narrative altogether and one that isn’t hooked on this Western concept of the isolated self or that there can be only one of anything or anyone. Maybe the whale knows exactly what it’s doing, has its own pod of whale kin and is road tripping on a sick adventure.

The band’s current sound was shaped by Chochinov’s stint playing in the Thurston Moore Guitar Ensemble, led by the frontman of Sonic Youth. On the heels of playing with the group, Chochinov started experimenting with alternative tunings, including those she learned from Thurston himself. The freedom offered by new tunings gave the band a chance to approach songs and song writing in a new way.

She says:

It was like being given free reign in a science lab where nothing was off limits. At worst you create an awful sound and at best you get the chance to surprise yourself and land on something exciting. 

While Schande initially began as a solo project, the music is very much a collective effort including Gio Villaraut on bass, Ryan Grieve on percussion, and Jen Chochinov on guitar.