Elif Dame’s ‘Securely Detached’ Documents Her Mental Health Hiatus

[Cover photo credit to Eva Baselier]

Amsterdam-based Elif Dame gradually developed a sound that’s best described as alternative R&B through which she touches on topics such as her “battles with depression and anxiety, insecure attachment and relationship issues, trauma, family drama and addiction.”

After releasing a stash of singles from 2020 to 2021, it became clear to her that battling depression in combination with the pressure to consistently put out new work had taken away the joy she previously felt. Thus she decided to go on a self-care hiatus and in the year that followed, the artist committed herself to prioritizing her own mental health, all while documenting the process. 

The result of that hiatus is her upcoming EP, Securely Detached.

Dame shares:

It’s about reframing my co-dependent relationships and about my time on the waitlist to get mental health care. It’s about the important process of learning what it means to put yourself first.

With the track “Nature of the Beast”, out now, the artist realizes that addiction is a family disease.