Reid Jenkins Confronts Himself As An Obstacle To Craft ‘Hall Of Gems’

[Cover photo credit to Shervin Lainez]

Baroque-Pop multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and Producer Reid Jenkins has shared his debut album Hall Of Gems, out now. Jenkins has also released the official music video for “Changes,” directed by Charlie Gillette.

Jenkins worked closely with mixer-engineer and producer Sahil Ansari in early 2022, to write, arrange, and orchestrate what would be known as Hall Of Gems. Jenkins focused on intricate songwriting along with the “messiness that comes from being human” when working on the tracks and took on heavy and universal themes such as “aimlessness, malaise, and the general sense that your direction in life might be yet undecided.”  

Jenkins’ says the record is about:

…feeling stuck and unable to find a grip while spinning my wheels and feeling like a dilettante. Nothing was holding me back but me, but I was a pretty big obstacle.

Jenkins expanded his own self-production knowledge and incorporated electronic elements and returned to the fiddle of his youth. He also formed the Indie Rock outfit Morningsiders with band co-founders Magnus Ferguson and Robert Frech while attending Columbia University.

As the band has continued to grow, however, Jenkins increasingly felt a passion to make music on his own as well, leaning in a Folk-Pop direction for Hall of Gems.