Go Betty Go’s “We Talk A Lot” Conjures That Adventurous Feeling Of Falling In Love

LA-based, all-female groundbreaking Latina Punk outfit Go Betty Go have returned with “We Talk A Lot,” the second track off their upcoming return EP Black and Blue. The band has also released an animated lyric video for the song directed and edited by lead vocalist Nicolette Vilar. Black and Blue will be out in early 2024 via LA-based indie label Wiretap Records.

Vilar says about the new single:

‘We Talk A Lot’ is a song that dives into that feeling we all feel and have felt, when you’re falling in love with a friend, partner, life, etc… and you just want to take off on an adventure together and have it never end. It’s a wonderful place to be and hopefully, everyone has a chance to experience that at least once in their life. And if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s a glimpse into what it could be like and a way to look forward to the day it does happen. The song comes from a sincere place. I had so much fun illustrating and animating the lyric video for this song. I tapped into graphic skills that I hadn’t done in years, so it was truly a fun project from start to finish.

Go Betty Go was formed in 2000 in the suburbs of Glendale, California and they entered the LA scene when they were all teens, featuring Betty Cisneros on guitar, Nicolette Vilar on vocals, Michelle Rangel on bass, and Aixa Vilar on drums.

Go Betty Go went on several Warped tours, cross-country tours, and played several South by Southwest performances. With the release of 2005’s Nothing is More, their first full-length album on Side One Dummy Records, they set out to tour yet again, but Nicolette, unhappy and burned out, suddenly quit the band.

Reunited after a friend suggested a one-off 2012 gig, all four original members found themselves back together on stage. Go Betty Go was back as suddenly as they had split years earlier. Following live performances, they released “Reboot” in 2015.

In 2022, Go Betty Go was hit with their most difficult challenge to date. As the band prepared to enter the studio and record their next album, Betty was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

They worked around Betty’s grueling doctor visits, chemotherapy, and surgeries, and when she was having her better days, they managed to record their latest studio recording Black and Blue. The name refers to the difficult and bruised circumstances that the band has dealt with.

With the help and support of GBG fans and the music community alike, they all have helped support Betty with her GoFundMe page and through messages of love and support. Betty continues her treatment towards being cancer-free. They band are “optimistically hopeful,” supporting Betty as she works on beating her cancer.