Close Talker’s Break Resulted In Renewed Inspiration And ‘The Sprawl’

Canadian Indie Rock trio, Close Talker have announced their new album The Sprawl to be released on March 22nd 2024. As a preview they have released a new single Exodus from the album.

The band says:

For years the band sat firmly on the front burner taking precedence over nearly everything. We chased opportunities, often spreading ourselves thin and not always taking time to recognize collateral damage. To be fair, we loved nearly every minute of it. ‘Exodus’ leans into the quiet confidence that comes with realizing, maybe you’re not content. It doesn’t have to come shrouded with guilt, but rather comes with a sense of peace; just being self aware of your weaknesses, even if that weakness is ambition. Discovering how you want to grow is never bad, but also rarely painless.

The songs on the album The Sprawl account for the years 2013-2019 in Close Talker: six years of full-on “writing, recording, touring, rinse, wash, repeat.” Those years included incredible highlights and successes, in exchange for burnout and time away from home. Ultimately this period ended with Close Talker needing a break, coaxed by the pandemic into an indefinite hiatus.

Taking this break allowed the band to explore other avenues in music. Will dove deep into writing and production and began scoring music for films. Chris built Slow Weather Music, a record label with an expanding roster of new Canadian artists. And eventually, three years later, Close Talker found themselves reminiscing on all the fond memories from ‘The Sprawl’.

Memories brought inspiration, and inspiration brought Close Talker back into the studio. They have produced an album that brings together all they have learned over their career.