Watch Mereki’s Video For “In Everything” Featuring Classic Fairytale Animation

[Cover photo credit to Brian Daly]

Singer/songwriter Mereki has revealed the official video for In Everything from her debut solo album Death of a Cloud. Created by Danny Sangra, who has directed some of Mereki’s other recent videos, this is the first drawn depiction of the natural world which influences her so much, all shared in the style of classic fairytale animation.

Sharing the writing process of “In Everything,” Mereki, says:

I was bunny sitting for my friend Lizzy. It was just Harvey (the bunny) and I in her place in Silverlake near the reservoir, and she had this beautiful Wurlitzer in her apartment. I usually had roommates, so it was the first time I had felt properly alone in a while and I wanted to write about my dad, but I didn’t want to write about losing him.

So instead, I wrote about all of the places that I get to find him now that he’s not physically here anymore. I find him in rivers and lakes, underneath the waves and inside the night sky or on the glitter the sun makes when it kisses the water…inside the trees when their leaves dance in the breeze. That’s where I first found him actually, after he went to the other side, inside the softest morning breeze, I’ll never forget that.

Back in March of this year, Mereki released her debut solo album Death of a Cloud via BMG and her own label BunBun Records. Created over seven years and three continents, in collaboration with a roster of the artists Mereki trusted most, the album is “a look into the joy and difficulty of self-realization and finding the universe within, expressing this journey through music.”