Shower Curtain’s Song & Video For “Edgar” Shines The Spotlight On A Beloved Pet

[Cover photo credit to Juliette Boulay]

Brooklyn-based, Brazil-born band Shower Curtain has shared their first single in two years, Edgar.” The track about “the anxiety of impending grief” is accompanied by a music video shot in the band’s home base of New York City, by director and cinematographer Nikos Campbell.

Inspired by lead vocalist Victoria Winter’s cat Edgar’s tumultuous health, the video co-directed by Winter was shot from Edgar’s point of view, bringing some levity to “an emotionally heavy song.” 

Victoria Winter shares:

It feels very liberating to share this song with the world. Not only is it marking a new phase for the project but I think an overall process of maturing as a creative, letting go of the old aesthetic and sound that defined Shower Curtain when I lived in Brazil.

The new sound is of course a reflection of the project evolving from a solo project into a band, and the band’s contribution to this song is evident in the instrumentation. ‘Edgar’ is a very cathartic song about seeing my cat getting weaker with an auto-immune disease. He survived his hospitalization back then, but now he struggles with terminal cancer. In many ways, the stages of grief that are written about in the lyrics still persist with me.

On the process of making the music video for “Edgar,” cinematographer and co-director Nikos Campbell says:

I was really inspired by the concept of the song and wanted the video to be in conversation with it. Highlighting certain parts of grief while also giving a lighter tone with some of the sillier parts of the video. I really like how the video feels like a product of the song, without it as a base the video wouldn’t exist. But lucky for us the song really does exist and was able to inspire this visual take on it.

Shower Curtain is focused on creating and producing their first album, which is set for release in 2024. In celebration, Shower Curtain will play a single release show on November 9th, 2023 at Brooklyn’s DIY spot Trans Pecos before heading to Winter’s home country of Brazil to play Balaclava Festival on November 19th alongside Unknown Mortal Orchestra, American Football, and more.



9 – Trans Pecos – Brooklyn, NY

17 – Wonka Bar – Curitiba, BR

19 – Balaclava Festival – São Paulo, BR