Holden Miller Takes A Dualistic Look At His Mind With ‘My Brain Is Fired’

Singer/songwriter Holden Miller has released his debut album My Brain Is Fired and has also released a music video for his single “I Lose My Sh*t Over You”. The new album runs the gamut of positive and difficult aspects of his brain’s impact on his life and Miller frequently brings Pop and Folk undertones to his work.

Holden says about the album:

There are times when I love my brain. Times when I think, I am so lucky to have THIS head on my shoulders. Then there are times when I want to take my brain out of my head and punt it across the room for a bank-shot into the trash can with the lid slamming over it. In my debut album, “My Brain is Fired” I parallel my anxious, depressed, borderline-insomniac cranium with my fun-loving, curious, quirky, insightful spirit that has kept me going all these years.

This album has something for everyone. It ranges from folk to indie rock to alt-pop and spans influences like Weezer, Alexander23 and Mac Miller, while still remaining truly authentic. If there’s one way to describe the sound of this project, it’s ‘Holden.’

Holden’s themes include “anxiety, the passage of time, and love and heartbreak.”