With ‘Tight Feathers’ Course Focuses On Embracing Life While Protecting One’s Inner Self

[Cover photo credit to Savannah Scruggs]

Chicago-based group Course have released their new album Tight Feathers. The follow-up to their debut, the 10-song collection “embraces the chaotic onslaught of life, savoring its complexities, while protecting your inner self.” The new album heads into more atmospheric territory than their previous releases.

Produced by Nashville Indie and Electropop savant Kyle Andrews, each track on Tight Feathers incorporates layered instrumentation (modular synths, analog drum machines, acoustic and electric guitar, bass). The album features contributions from a rotating cast of musicians, most notably vocalist Jamie Semel.

Melding a mix of Bedroom-Pop, Alt-Electronic and Indie-Rock, Course create collaborative narratives pulled from “both imagination and real life experiences.” Their debut album, A Late Hour, was also accompanied by a collection of short stories, one for each song on the album, written by Robbins called Nickels Under Your Porch.