Sam Morrow’s “Searching For Paradise” Details A Journey To A Better Place In Life

[Cover photo credit to Bobbi Rich]

West Coast transplant and Roots Rocker Sam Morrow has released his first new music following his recently signed record deal with the newly formed Los Angeles-based Copaco Records, and in partnership with Blue Élan Records. The track “Searching for Paradise” features Blues, country, and Funk influences.

The song, a Hunter S. Thompson-esque tale, follows his “escapades from Texas to the San Fernando Valley by way of the Mojave Desert” before rehab and arriving in “paradise,” aka the valley.

Morrow explains how the song took shape:

My producer, Eric (Corne), came to me with this song and guitar lick which I thought was great. The lyrics resonate very closely with my journey in California. I took the basic structure, threw some grease on it and made it what you’re hearing today.

“Searching for Paradise” gives fans the first listen from a brand-new Sam Morrow album due out in early 2024. Eric Corne of Copaco Records also continues to serve as longtime collaborator with Morrow on this new music, and assembled West Coast musicians as Morrow’s backing band on the record, including guitarists Eli Wulfmeier and Eamon Ryland, bassists Ted Russell Kamp and Adam Arcos, keyboardist Sasha Smith, with drummers Matt Tecu and Butch Norton.