Zack Miranowic Goes Acoustic For ‘Cryin’ Out’ EP

[Cover photo credit to Jeff Crepi Photography]

Zack Miranowic is a New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and Producer as well as a Hard Rock-n-Metal specialist who has released new single and EP, Cryin’ Out. The EP features a departure from heavier music with a focus on acoustic and singer/songwriter-esque styles.

He comments:

With this EP, I aimed to try something a little different following my debut album, which was very much a hard rock and heavy metal record. This time around I wanted to dial back the distortion and try to do something more acoustic oriented and singer-songwriter-esque.

The exception to this is the final track, “A Matter of Life and Death,” which totally throws the listener a curveball. I also wanted to pay homage to progressive rock bands like Rush and Pink Floyd, where they have one grand masterpiece followed by shorter, simpler songs. In my case, I reversed this trend.

Zack Miranowic is currently the lead guitarist for NJ-based bands Disciples Of Verity (ft. Corey Glover), Sekond Skyn, and is the other half of the ethereal Art-Rock duet, Riversend.

When Miranowic is not working on his bands and various projects, he is working on his own solo material under his own name. He released his debut album, Fear, in late 2022. In addition, he offers session guitar work, and gives online guitar lessons.