Drew Haley Plays With Humor On EP Title Track “Don’t Mess With Mama”

Drew Haley has released the EP Don’t Mess With Mama, along with the title track and accompanying video. The title track heads into fun and playful territory that’s somewhat new to Haley. Intentionally taking on a mischievous and plotting tone, the track delves into storytelling.

Another track on the EP, “Blame It On The Moon” follows the story of “two people falling in and out of love.” It may be a “sour story” but it courts instrumentation that’s fun and lighthearted.

The EP Don’t Mess With Mama is fueled by Haley’s years of songwriting in Nashville as well as her personal progression into the next phase of her life.

She shares:

I wrote some of the tracks after an ugly divorce, and some while falling in love with my current husband.

Recorded at RCA Studios, The EP is distributed by Heart Songs Music Group, and was Produced by David Spencer.