Song Premier: Antonio Andrade’s “My Reward” Lets His Guitar Speak Volumes

Antonio Andrade is a singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania who will be releasing his eighth album, My Reward, on October 27th, 2023. He’s been picking up speed with his album releases ever since 2014 when he concluded his thirty-eight year career in human service work, bringing his “Rocking Folk” to more audiences.

Andrade considers singing, playing, and writing songs to be his reward in life.

He says:

It is my purpose these days. Having a purpose is my reward in life! I like these new songs. I’ve been working on my stories.

We’re very pleased to premier Antonio Andrade’s title track, “My Reward” today on Wildfire Music + News. It’s a song that definitely shows that Andrade has been “working on his stories” as it intricately chronicles a musician’s life from the standpoint of his guitar. But more than that, it suggests the wider role that guitars have played, particularly in the social life of the 20th and 21st centuries as well as in the lives of all musicians.

Though the lyrics and direct vocal delivery are important in this song, Andrade also allows the guitar parts to shine, naturally, and brings in some finesse showing off the versatility of the instrument. All in all, the song paints a sweet picture of the cohabiting life of a musician and his guitar and suggests a greater deal of appreciation ought to be given to this faithful friend of ours.

Andrade shares about the title track:

It’s the guitar talking here. A guitar needs a reason to be alive. It needs to have a purpose. It lives for something larger than just being alive; a cause beyond itself. It lives for the song! My guitar and I are a lot alike!

The album My Reward features Antonio Andrade on vocals, acoustic guitar, and harmonica, and Derek Euston on bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, organ, and mandolin. Richard “Raggs” Ranaglia plays all saxes, clarinet, and flute. Denny Neidich performs on drums, congas, and percussion. Amma Johnson adds vocals and Freebo plays 5-string fretless bass. Tim Latshaw also plays bass guitar. The album was Produced by Antonio Andrade and co-Produced by Derek Euston as well as being engineered by Euston. It was recorded at The Green Room in Harrisburg, PA and mixed by Andrade and Euston.

Antonio Andrade’s previous album was his first holiday themed, album, Jingle All the Way, which arrived in November 2021 on Lifeshakes Recordings. He is a songwriter who has co-written with Louisa Branscomb and Freebo.

You might have seen Andrade perform on juried showcases at both SERFA and SWRFA and he is very active in Folk Alliance International. He typically plays shows several times a month.