Scott Fisher’s ‘Kingdom of Ego’ Tracks American Rugged Individualism Gone Awry

[Cover photo credit to Patrick Carew]

Indie rock songwriter and producer Scott Fisher had released his eighth album Kingdom of Ego, via 1 a.m music. Singles from the album have included “Once In A While”, “Hour of Great Contempt”, and “Still The Same”. Fisher’s sound on this album pushes further into Indie Rock but holds onto a contemplative tone.

Described as “an open letter to a flawed society”, the new abum has a lot to say and suggests plenty more to think about. Topics range from “greed, narcissism, and self-obsession” to the ways in which the American dream has been “shattered and distorted”. Far from preachy, however, the often meditative tracks have sonic layers that draw you into a space of honesty and an awareness that imperfection is often a part of life and life itself is a fleeting but lovely thing.

With the help of Producer and bassist Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, Sting, John Mayer, Elvis Costello), Fisher recorded the album at Sonic Ranch over the course of summer of 2022.

When discussing the creative process of the LP, Scott Fisher writes: 

“Kingdom of ego” is about American rugged individualism gone awry. It’s about how “success” in the American context cannot be separated from money and social media likes. It’s about narcissism and arrested development. It’s about our loss of sensuality. More importantly, it’s about our loss of sensuality in the name of efficiency in the service of profit. The record is about the beauty of a fleeting guitar solo that will never be heard again. It’s about a lovely meal surrounded by friends and loved ones. It’s about spending a lazy afternoon with your lover.

Growing up with a French mother and an American father enabled Fisher to draw inspiration from various cultures. His first exposure to music began when he studied classical piano from exiled German concert pianist, Ilse Glassel.

A lifelong pianist, his early solo albums encompass everything from piano/pop, to classical piano, and Bossa Nova. Over the years, Fisher has tested out different genres and intentionally pushed outside of his comfort zone. Fisher has opened for artists such as Brandi Carlile, Augustana, and Pink Martini.