Structure Sounds Celebrates Fresh Starts With ‘Light Up Your Sorrow’

Providence, Rhode Island’s Rock ‘n Roll band Structure Sounds have announced they have joined the growing Wiretap Records roster to release their upcoming debut album Light Up Your Sorrow, out Friday Oct 20th, 2023.

Structure Sounds fuse punk rock, blues, hardcore, and Americana influences in their work. They were founded by members of The Scandals, Howl and The Down and Outs.

Speaking about the new album, guitarist & lead vocalist Sean Patrick Carney says:

Looking at the collective songs on this album I found a common theme of fresh starts. There are songs about heartbreak, letting go, reflection and hope. Coming off a rough few years we all could use a light at the end of the tunnel and I hope these songs can conjure that feeling.

They previously released the track “Break Me” from the album.

Carney adds:

‘Break Me’ is a song that took me 15 years to perfect. When you’re young It feels like heartbreak is a cycle that never ends. It goes around and around much like a good hook. I feel in the studio we captured that feeling of despair with a dash of hope to round it off.