Maya Delilah “Necklace” Balances Hopes And Fears

[Cover photo credit to Donny Johnson]

London-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Maya Delilah has released new single “Necklace” via Blue Note/Capitol. The artist began self-releasing music in 2020 and hasn’t looked back.

Maya Delilah shares:

‘Necklace’ is a song about feeling so connected to someone whilst also having doubts and worries. Something I think we all feel from time to time. It was written in LA with Josh Grant and Trey Campbell. The song came together faster than most songs I’ve made and is one of my favourites. It feels nostalgic, warm, and perfect for a road trip drive.

Necklace” follows Maya’s bittersweet love song “Silver Lining,” and Pretty Face”. Shew also made an appearance on the 2022 collection Blue Note Re:imagined II where she put her own twist on Cassandra Wilson’s cover of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon.”