Anton O’Donnell Carries The Burdens Of Modern Life For Glasgow-Inspired ‘Tomber Sur PRW’

Singer/songwriter Anton O’Donnell has named his upcoming album Tomber Sur PRW, translated into English as “Falling On PRW”, meaning Paisley Road West, the street where he lives in Glasgow. The name for the album comes from a song he released back in 2021, “Je Ne Sais Quoi” which is part of an EP, Where Art Thou April.

He shares:

‘Je ne Sais Quoi’ and the concept behind the album title are a million miles from each other; the song centers around a chance meeting with a woman, one of those rare types that just strikes ye and you think to yourself, ‘damn, she’s cool’.

O’Donnell worked on a bucket of around 20 songs, and when it came time to pick the tracks for the record, the 9 that made the cut “just stuck out as being connected with each other in terms of the lyrical content/narrative. A commentary if you will, on the burden that can come with modern life, and the weighted-drain it can put on other aspects of your life Tomber Sur PRW – instead of falling for a woman, falling for all the noise and life’s forces.”

Tracking took place at Matchbox Sound in Glasgow with Ciaran McIntyre.

It wasn’t all plain sailing for Anton personally as his physical health declined during this time, leading to an emergency blood transfusion. Not quite happy with his previous tracking while ill, once he was feeling better, he went back into the studio to re-record and was very happy with the final outcome.

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