Jason Hawk Harris Channels An Intense Period Of Transformation Into ‘Thin Places’

[Cover photo credit to Daley Hake]

Singer/songwriter Jason Hawk Harris has announced new album Thin Places, due out October 6, 2023 via Bloodshot Records. Thin Places finds the Austin-based artist “shining a light on grief and healing” while drawing on his classical music background. Along with the announcement, Harris has shared the single “Jordan and the Nile,” which arrives with a music video directed by Austin Leih.

Harris shares about the single:

The chorus of ‘Jordan and the Nile’ came to me in a random burst of writing in about 10 seconds. The rest of the song took four years, three recording sessions and 12 musicians to complete. During the process, we were interrupted by natural disasters, life-threatening medical emergencies and the first pandemic in 100 years. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more proud of something I’ve written. I hope it’s not too much. I’m just glad to finally have it out there, and I’m excited for the life it takes on.

Produced by longtime collaborator Andy Freeman and “written from start to finish as one continuous artistic statement,” Thin Places is an album that stems from Harris’ experiences surrounding his mother’s death and the “personal evolution that followed.”

Following Harris’ 2019 Bloodshot debut Love & The Dark, the artist suffered a series of personal losses and challenges, including his label going under. Fans actually funded his recording when he was ready to get back into the studio and a freshly re-launched Bloodshot Records asked him to re-sign to the label with a new deal. The album, similarly, observes a period of intense transformation.

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