Ari Árelíus Crafts Icelandic Desert Music With “Endless Summer”

[Cover photo credit to Sigga Ella]

The Reykjavík, Iceland-based songwriter/guitarist/producer Ari Árelíus has explored such disparate genres as Saharan desert Blues and Psychedelic Surf Rock, drawing from his training as a Jazz guitarist to create what he defines as “Icelandic desert music.”

Newly signed to U.S.-based record label Found, the artist has released “Endless Summer”, one of two singles that will arrive this quarter.

“Endless Summer” ponders “the looming havoc of the climate crisis” and reflects the artist’s fascination with “esoteric ritualism.”

He says:

I wanted to reflect on the exploitation of the environment by using a sentence I’ve heard spoken with various levels of excitement and dread. The whole song was built around that lyric, and ended up being very much inspired by my interest in Iceland’s long history of witchcraft and rituals and magic.

The single also features trumpet riffs courtesy of Icelandic musician Daníel Sigurðsson, also known as Artificial Disco.

Ari Árelíus’ next album with Found is due out in early 2024.

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