Antonio Andrade Shares “My Reward” Reflecting On His Purpose In Life

[Cover photo credit to Jeff Solomon]

Singer/songwriter Antonio Andrade has announced his upcoming album, My Reward, his eighth record, and fifth full length release since 2014. It will arrive on October 27th, 2023. The title track features a guitar as narrator, singing “the song is my reward”, and Andrade feels the same about the role of music in his life.

He says:

It is my purpose these days. Having a purpose is my reward in life! I like these new songs. I’ve been working on my stories.

Andrade is at an age where losing family and friends has become a sad trend, so a number of the songs on the album are “about death or somebody dying, and the songs might make you laugh, or make you cry, or both!”

Derek Euston engineered the new album at his Green Room Recording Studio in Harrisburg, PA. The two have spent fifteen years and five projects together, and Euston is co-Producer of this album.

In terms of process making the album, Andrade played his acoustic guitar and sang, then Euston added bass guitar, and they continued to add elements the song needed, such as another electric or acoustic guitar.

Amma Johnson features on her fourth record with Andrade, adding vocals and stylings throughout the record. This is Andrade’s first record with horns and Richard “raggs” Ranaglia is the full horn section, playing all the saxophones (one at a time), clarinet, and flute. Denny Neidich, on drums, congas, and percussion, is the final player in the studio band.

Antonio Andrade is a songwriter who has co-written with Louisa Branscomb and Freebo, a performer with 45 years’ experience, and a recording artist backed in the studio by Ordinary Elephant, Freebo, and Mark Stuart. At his very core, Antonio Andrade is an entertainer, winning audiences over with what he calls “rockin’ folk.”

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