Enjoy Snailmate’s ‘Stress Sandwich’ With A Dash Of Their Stress Sauce

[Cover photo credit to @guttedlambtattoo]

Snailmate, the Phoenix-based musical duo of Kalen Lander (singer/synths) and Bentley Money (drummer) who have a strong DIY-ethic and blend Synthpunk, Grindcore Pop and nerd Rap, will be releasing their new album, Stress Sandwich, on Oct. 6th, 2023 via Hairless Records.

Kalen Lander shares:

This album is a long time in the making, but it couldn’t have been finished any sooner. We had to tour the world, live through quarantine, get our hearts broken a couple times, go to therapy, get our cats, and Bentley had to literally CHANGE GENDERS before we were ready to stick the toothpick in this baby. Stress Sandwich has everything in it, and it is delicious!

The 10-song collection, which was produced by the duo, with Ari Leopold, at Lava Lake Studios (Phoenix), explores “themes of vulnerability, disappointment, and accepting art-making as a beautiful yet imperfect process.”   The album will be available in formats including vinyl, CD, cassettes, and the band’s “Stress Sauce” hot sauce (which won Phoenix Magazine’s 2021 Best Hot Sauce award).

Tour Dates:

October 4 Flagstaff, AZ Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge

October 5 Albuquerque, NM The Guild Cinema

October 6 Colorado Springs, CO Fritzy’s

October 7 Lincoln, NE 2SMOOV

October 8 Omaha, NE The B Bar

October 9 St. Paul, MN The White Squirrel Bar

October 10 Madison, WI The Rigby Pub

October 11 Joliet, IL The Drunken Donut

October 12 Port Huron, MI Schwonk Sound Stead

October 13 St. Catherines, ON TBA

October 14 Peterborough, ON The Historic Red Dog

October 15 Toronto, ON Bovine Sex Club

October 17 Ithaca, NY Deep Dive

October 18 Buffalo, NY Revolution Gallery

October 19 Kingston, ON The Toucan

October 21 New York, NY Bar Freda

October 22 Pittsburgh, PA TBA

October 23 Akron, OH Bless This Mess

October 25 St. Louis, MO Platypus

October 26 Fayetteville, AR Nomads Trailside

October 27 Tulsa, OK The Whittier Bar

October 28 Amarillo, TX Golden Light Cantina

October 29 Lubbock, NM TBA

October 30 El Paso, TX Mona Bar of Modern Art

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