Goldpine Looks For Honesty When “Thinking About Love”

[Photo of Kassie and Benjamin (Goldpine), Credit to Raechel Curtis]

Nashville-based Americana duo Goldpine (Benjamin Wilson and Kassie Wilson) have released the single “Thinking About Love,” from their forthcoming second full-length record Two set for release on Friday, September 8, 2023 and it is accompanied by a video. The single’s subject is in keeping with its title.

Shot in the landscape of Red Lodge, Montana, the video showcases the couple walking amidst cloud-covered mountains, rolling fields, and lush trees. It’s an environment where “they confront the concept of love without any distractions.”

Ben Wilson shares:

Honest love is when we act on behalf of someone else’s best interest, despite whether we get anything in return or not. I wanted to explore my distorted view of the definition of ‘love,’ and bring us all back to its original intention with ‘Thinking About Love’. 

The track follows the album’s lead single “Do You Have Me?” which speaks to “the struggle of a one-sided relationship.”

The goal of Two is to focus on “real people and real situations.”

Ben Wilson adds about the album:

I want people to come away from this album and take an honest look at themselves. An honest look at motives. An honest look at connections with other people. An honest look at tragic events that are happening throughout the world, and an honest look at how we use the time we’ve been given.

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